Setup a meeting

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Setup a meeting


2. Click the Sign in Button

3. Sign in using CAS.

4. Authenticate

5. Click on “Meetings” located on the left side of the Website

6. Then click “Schedule a New Meeting”

7. Fill out the information in the next window. Select Recurring if you intend to have this meeting regularly.
-Uncheck meeting requires a password
– Check Only authenticated users can join: Sign in to Zoom

8. Scroll down if needed and click the “Save” Button

9. The next time you select Meetings on the Left side of the page, it should display your upcoming meeting

10. Click on the Meeting/Topic that you created (in this example it is called “This is a Test”) and then click “Copy the invitation”

11. Click the “Copy Meeting Invitation” Button at the Bottom

12. Once copied you can paste it into an email and send it to people who need to attend

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