How do I get a Louisiana Tech user ID?

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How do I get a Louisiana Tech user ID?

Louisiana Tech user IDs provide access to various campus IT services. As a result, user IDs are controlled and only provided to certain individuals for specific reasons due to need and their relationship with the university.

Standard Accounts


Student accounts constitute the largest number of user accounts created. Students need accounts to access the broad array of IT services necessary to engage in routine campus life. Student user ids are assigned automatically when you are admitted to the university. You should receive your assigned student account ID during the admission process along with your campus-wide ID number (CWID) and BOSS PIN.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff need user accounts to access the various IT services needed to perform their job functions. User accounts are provided to faculty and staff during the on-boarding process with human resources, who will provide new hires with instructions on selecting a new user account ID. During on-boarding, you will also be provided with your campus-wide ID number (CWID) and BOSS PIN.

Special Request Accounts


University-sanctioned groups and student organizations are expected to communicate with students and faculty/staff through official e-mails. Groups are not permitted to communicate using campus e-mail lists using external e-mail accounts (e.g., and will be blocked through moderation. Groups can have university e-mail accounts created for them on request.

Partners and Vendors


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