Accessing Mainframe/CICS

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Accessing Mainframe/CICS


Access to the LaTech mainframe requires a terminal emulator (client) capable of making a secured connection.  The Computing Center has acquired licensing for a web-based emulation package (BlueZone) which works well for Windows computers. The Computing Center has also acquired licensing for a HTML5 client (zScope) which will work with any modern web-browser.

The primary Windows client which the Computing Center has licensed is called BlueZone and may be installed on a computer via web deployment from the following link:

An Active X client will be installed if using Internet Explorer as the browser.  If using a non-Active X browser such as Edge, Firefox or Chrome, the Java web start based client will be installed. For Internet Explorer installed Rocket Software BlueZone Active X code must be allowed to install and run in the browser. For java based installs, a current version of Java must already be installed on the computer. 

If you have a Windows computer that was prepared by the Computing Center, then an icon for “LaTech CICS” may already be on your desktop.  Just click on the icon to start the install process.  The link above can be used from any Windows browser.  The page will detect which type of install is needed.

Recommended Clients

The Computing Center recommends the following combination of operating systems and clients.


Under normal circumstances, BlueZone is the preferred client for Windows. It can be installed from this webpage:

In cases where BlueZone cannot be installed, ZScope can be used as an alternative:

Mac OS

ZScope is recommended for use on Mac OS:, as BlueZone is Windows only.

In the past, TN3270x created at Brown University was also a supported method for accessing CICS; however, TN3270x is not supported by newer releases of Mac OS and will not be updated. Former users of TN3270x should use ZScope as an alternative.


ZScope is recommended for use on Linux/Unix operating systems:, as BlueZone is Windows only.


For any other applications where an HTML 5 capable browser is available, ZScope is recommended for use:

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