Creating a Recording or Recording a Presentation

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Creating a Recording or Recording a Presentation

1. Run the Mediasite program by clicking on the Mediasite Desktop Recorder Icon

2. Click on the “Record” Button once the program window is open

3. Give the Presentation a Name. In this case: “This is an Example” will be the name of the presentation

4. Then select the type of recording you want to create. These are the sources of input you can capture for your presentation. In this case, going with (Video only) option

Slideshow + audio(present still images and use mic)
Screencast + audio (this option captures your computer desktop and mic)
Audio only(mic)
Screencast + Video (capture your desktop and use webcam and mic)
Slideshow + Video (present still images and webcam and mic)
Video Only(webcam and mic)

5. Then click the “Record” button to start recording. Note: a countdown will run before the recording starts

6. When the recording starts, you will see a live feed of what your presentation looks like in the lower right corner of your monitor. This feed also helps you monitor your audio/mic levels.
Click the “Finish” button when you are done recording.

7. After clicking the finish button, several things happen.

The Mediasite Desktop Recorder program appears and displays all your previous recordings and the status of uploading your recently finished recording. When the status changes to “Uploaded” then you know it is complete.

8. You also get an alert on your Desktop when it is completed.

9. You will also get an email when the new presentation has completed processing and is ready to be viewed.

10. The recording can be reviewed either on your computer. The default location of the saved media is Documents\Mediasite Desktop Recordings\ or by logging into your Mediasite homepage

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