Setting up managed iOS/iPadOS devices

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Setting up managed iOS/iPadOS devices


Effective January 1, 2021, all new university-purchased devices running iOS and iPadOS must be enrolled in the campus mobile device manager (MDM) as a managed device. When device management is used, Louisiana Tech IIT can push applications and settings to your iOS or iPad device. We can also locate, lock, and erase lost managed devices remotely.

Setup Process

  1. Turn on the device or press the sleep/wake or home button to wake the device.
  2. Select your preferred language, when prompted.
  3. Select your country or region, when prompted.
  4. Select “Set up Manually” at the bottom of the screen to progress to Step 5 – alternately move your personal iPhone or iPad near your iPad to allow it to copy settings from that device.
  5. Select your preferred Wi-Fi network, and enter your username and password when prompted. For on-campus use, we suggest connecting to the eduroam network using your e-mail address ( as your username during login. For more information on wireless and why eduroam is suggested, see the KB article Connecting to campus WiFi.
  6. The device will connect to Apple’s activation service, and automatically register with the Louisiana Tech MDM as a user device.
  7. Create a passcode when prompted. Passcodes are required, and must be at least four numbers; however you can create more complex passcodes if you choose. If you do not enter a passcode here, you will be forced to create one later.
  8. Select “Enable Location Services.” Location Services do not allow university IT staff to monitor your device’s location (until it it placed into lost mode), and are required for automatic time, maps, and other services to function correctly.
  9. After initial setup, your device will place you at the Home Screen in “Guided Access” mode. You will not be able to use your device until the Microsoft Company Portal app (“Comp Portal”) app has been installed and run successfully.
  10. Sign into the Comp Portal app using your Microsoft 365 credentials:
  11. Enter your normal Louisiana Tech password and click “Sign in”.
  12. On the “Set up Louisiana Tech University access” page, click the “Begin” button.
  13. Intune will check your device and make sure that it is configured to Louisiana Tech requirements. This process typically takes only a few minutes, but can vary based on Internet connection speed.
  14. Once the process is complete, click “Done”. You will be prompted to receive push notifications from the Comp Portal app.
  15. You will be redirected to the home page in the company portal app. Applications appearing here can be installed on your device without the need for an Apple App Store account. Press the home button or swipe up, depending on your device, to exit the Comp Portal app.
  16. With registration complete you can begin to use your device. Some apps will continue to download and install in the background.

Enrolling Existing Devices

Institutional devices can only be properly enrolled during the initial iOS/iPadOS setup process. If you have an existing device that you would like to enroll as a managed device, you will need to backup the device, wipe it, setup the device, and then restore the backup.

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