CICS Password Rules

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CICS Password Rules

As of August 16th 2017, the following rules apply when selecting a new mainframe (CICS) password:

  1. Must be changed every 90days
  2. Cannot reuse last 7 passwords
  3. All letters in password folded to upper case.(Case insensitive)
  4. Password length must be 8 characters
  5. Password can have A-Z,0-9 and special characters $@
  6. Password must have at least one character from three of the following four character types
    1. Numbers: 0123456789
    3. Vowels: AEIOU
    4. Special Characters: $@
  7. Password cannot contain portion of person’s name of 4 characters or more.
  8. At least 4 character positions must change values from old password to new password. For example, it is not valid to change just a single numeric digit or to change a three letter month abbreviation to create a new password.
  9. Password must not be one of restricted words. Example below:
    2. *A few bad words *

A simple web page that produces valid password examples has been setup at

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