How to Create a Channel

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How to Create a Channel

1. Login to Mediasite:

Note: multifactor authentication will be needed

2. Click on “Channels” on the left side of the page

3. Then click the “Add Channel” button on the right side of the page

4. Give the Channel a Name and add any custom configurations and descriptions that you want. It preferable to uncheck “Allow Comments” to prevent comments being made against the channel. Checking “Allow Presentation Downloads” controls whether students may download presentation. This might be handy if their internet connection is not very stable or they have limited access. They will be able to view it at any time once downloaded. “Enable Continuous Playback” will play all the videos in the channel one after another. Probably not recommended if you only want them to focus on one topic at a time. Once done, click “Create Channel”

5. The channel will now be listed under Browse Channels after selecting the “Channels” tab on the left side of the page.

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