Cannot See Your Canvas Course

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Cannot See Your Canvas Course

Are you enrolled in a course but can’t see it on Canvas? Below are possible reasons why:

1. Do you see the course listed on your schedule in the registration system?

Yes – If you recently registered for the course, please allow up to 24 hours for the system to update. After this time has elapsed, the course should show on your Canvas Dashboard.

No – Please contact your advisor or the Registrar’s office regarding official registration for the course.

2. Do you see the course in your list of All Courses? To check, click the ‘Courses’ button in the Global Navigation Menu then choose ‘All Courses’

To organize your courses, click on the Star button to the left of the course to add it to your Dashboard.

3. Is the course listed under Future Enrollments?

Check to see if the course you’re looking for is listed at the bottom of your Dashboard, under ‘Future Enrollments’. Courses open the day before class starts, but it is up to the instructor to publish the course.

4. Is the Course Published?

If you see the course listed under ‘Future Enrollments’ and it is clickable (1), you can view the course content but not fully participate in the course. If the course is grayed out (2), you cannot view the course. If the course is not published and the quarter has started, please contact your instructor regarding publishing. You can locate their email address in the Faculty & Staff Directory.

Canvas Future Enrollments Section

5. If you still need help, please contact Canvas Help using the ‘Help’ button found at the bottom left of the Global Navigation Menu.

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