CICS Account Access Lifecycle

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CICS Account Access Lifecycle

CICS accounts are credentials (a username and password) that grant access to information stored in the University mainframe. Currently, this consists of the student information system (SIS), property information, and financial information.

New Account Creation

CICS accounts are created based on the request of a department that a specific user be given access to specific resources as result of need based on their role at the University. For example, the Department Chair for an academic department requests that new professor, Professor Champ, be provided with access to the SIS (Screen ZC) because the Professor needs access to SIS information for advising.

You can read more about how to request accounts in the KB article CICS Access Requests.

Active Accounts

Once created, CICS accounts remain active until an event occurs that triggers a revocation of access. The only requirement for maintaining active accounts is that passwords be updated every 90 days.

Account Termination

Access to CICS can be revoked or your account terminated based on one of three events: a manual request for change in access, department changes, and University separation.

Manual Requests

Changes in access can be requested manually. Manual requests can be made for a number of reasons, including to remove or change access privileges in response to job changes.

Department Change

A department change is an automatically detected event triggered when an individual’s departmental affiliation is changed. Upon detection of the change, the user will receive an e-mail notification indicating that the change has been detected. After two weeks from the initial message, access to CICS will be revoked until access has been requested through the user’s new department.

University Separation

University separation is the process of a faculty or staff member terminating their employment with the University. When an individual separates from the University, their CICS access will be revoked. Revocation will occur on the date that a person is removed from the University payroll or the date listed on the Employee Exit/Termination Form, whichever is soonest. At this time, the user will receive an e-mail indicating a loss of access. If no action is taken within two weeks from the initial message, access to z/OS will be removed completely.

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