Preparing for a meeting

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Preparing for a meeting

Day or More Before

  • Review connection details. Canvas integrations can be used to launch some meetings. E-mail invitations are used for others. Know where to find the correct meeting details when it is time to connect.
  • Plan how you will attend the meeting. Make sure that you have access to a device and a quiet place to use it. If you need a device, contact Prescott Memorial Library about the availability of checkout devices.
  • If you have a compatible device, download and install the appropriate Zoom meeting software.
  • Test everything by joining Zoom’s test meeting. If you have issues with the test meeting, contact the Louisiana Tech Help Desk for assistance.

Shortly Before the Meeting

  • Prepare your space for the meeting. Ensure that your background environment is free of things that could distract from the meeting or be embarrassing. If you share your space with others, let them know you will be in a meeting.
  • Setup and test your device and its audio and video settings along with any needed peripherals (camera/microphone/headset).
  • Close unnecessary applications and windows. A clear desktop helps you focus on the meeting and avoids potentially embarrassing screen shares.
  • Join the meeting using the connection details you reviewed beforehand. If you need assistance in joining, see the Zoom article on Joining a Meeting or contact the Louisiana Tech Help Desk.
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