Institutional Device Purchasing Guidelines

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Institutional Device Purchasing Guidelines

Minimum Requirements for New Devices

University-purchased devices must conform with the appropriate minimum specifications below.


  Desktop Notebook Tablet/Netbook
Operating System* Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
Memory 8 GB DDR4 8 GB
CPU 9th Generation, Intel Core i5 Intel Atom
Hard Drive 256 GB SATA SSD  64 GB
Warranty 5-year Onsite, Next Business Day Optional
Absolute DDS No Yes No


  Desktop Notebook Tablet
Operating System* macOS iOS/iPadOS
Memory 8 GB DDR4 Apple Silicon
CPU 9th Generation, Intel Core i5 or
Apple Silicon M-series
Hard Drive 256 GB SATA SSD 128 GB
Warranty 4-year AppleCare for Schools Optional**
Absolute DDS No Yes No

*Operating system versions shipped on devices may vary. All purchased systems must conform with the Operating System Support Lifecycle guidelines.
**AppleCare+ strongly recommended on iPad Pro models.

Setup and Configuration

To ensure proper setup and configuration, computers purchased by Louisiana Tech University must be configured and install by University IT staff only. All computers must be configured with:

  • A supported operating system
  • Microsoft Active Directory for authentication and group-policy-based configuration.
  • Enrollment into Microsoft Defender 365 for antivirus/malware detection and monitoring.
  • Quest KACE Agent to provide inventory control and patch management. 
  • Bomgar Support Agent to provide for ease of access to remote assistance from the Help Desk.


  • Apple desktops, laptops, and tablets must be be enrolled in mobile device management (MDM) services provided through Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
  • All laptops must be equipped with Absolute DDS (Computrace), regardless of OS or manufacturer.

Available Software

Louisiana Tech University installs the following software for use on all machines by default:

  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Adobe Reader
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox

Other software may be available for install based on your College or departmental affiliation. Check with the Help Desk or your area IT Coordinator for more information.

Additional software may also be purchased as needed; however you will be responsible for retaining proof-of-licensing. Note that purchasing cards should not be use for software purchases.

Inventory Control

All University computer equipment, including that purchased with foundation or endowment funds, are property of the State of Louisiana and of Louisiana Tech University. All computer equipment must be tagged by the University property office (see Policy 5302) prior to the installation of any University-licensed software. Mobile devices, laptops, or other equipment that will be used off-campus must have a request for off-campus use on file. Contact your department’s property custodian or the property office at 318.257.2742 for more information. 

Acceptable Use

Faculty, Staff, and Students using institutionally-owned devices are expected to abide by all applicable policies related to acceptable use, including: 1308 – Online Social Media Usage Policy, 2302 – Campus Computer Use Policy, 2303 – Policies on Internet Use, 2304 – Ethical and Legal Use of Computer Software for Members of the Academic Community, 2317 – Computer Breach Notification Policy, and 2318 – Security and Confidentiality of Student Records. Violation of these policies may result in, at least, revocation of computing privileges.

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