How to 3D Print

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How to 3D Print

Setup an account

Sign up for a 3DPrinterOS account at Use your full Louisiana Tech email address(

Check your email and verify your account.

Sign into

Click “Not Now” on the License Activation popup window.

Connect to the 24-Hour Lab printers

Click on PRINTERS from the top menu bar, choose “+ MORE” and then click on “ADD WORKGROUP PRINTERS”.

For Student Access Code enter(in all uppercase): “3DLATECH” and click “Connect to Workgroup”.

You should now see the four (4) 3D Ultimaker printers named 2-Day, 1-Day, 12-Hr &6-Hr.(Notice your balance in the upper right-hand corner)

Uploading a file

Click on UPLOAD from the top menu bar to send your .STL file to print.

A lab Monitor will review your file and then print it for you. You will be notified via email for every step of the way (including getting a video link and video time lapse of your object being printed). Please pick up your object in a timely manner.

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