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Mainframe FAQ

Q. How do I get access to CICS?

A. See the KB article CICS Access Requests.

Q. How do I change my mainframe/CICS password?

A. Mainframe passwords can be changed online here:

Q. How do I login when I am already logged into the mainframe?

A. You can login to an existing mainframe session by going to CICS and entering your username and password at the login screen. When you login, press F12 to login to the existing session.

Q. When I try to log on to the mainframe, I get one of these messages: ‘Access denied’, ‘Exceeded log on attempts’, ‘User ID has been revoked’, or ‘Put in protected mode’.

A. Contact the Help Desk to be routed to a member of the mainframe operations team.

Q. Do I have to get a new User ID and password every quarter?

A. No, It will be with you until you graduate or cease employment. Your password may have to be changed once every thirty days.

Q. What do I do if I forgot my password and/or User ID?

A. Take your Tech ID card to Wyly Tower 116 and ask for it. UserIDs and passwords are not given out over the phone. They are only given in person to the student or faculty/staff member the card belongs to.

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