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CICS Screen List


Admissions Menu201
High School History209
College History211
Degrees Awarded212
***Test Score Display221
Admissions HOLDS/Comments248 or 048

Course Information

Shared Components Menu001
Student Records Menus101
***Class Rosters107
Course Inventory Maintenance125
Course Inventory Scan (Historical by Subject)128
***Course Section Scan (Sections Offered by Subject)105
***Days/Times Offered w/Faculty Name105
***Enrollment Limits/Enrollment Statistics105/129/130/131
***Registration Controls131

Frequently Used Screens

Academic Program Summary121
Advisor (by Student)121/119
Addresses (All)003
Addresses (Next-of-Kin)015
Biographic/Demographic Info003/007/008/009
***Class Roster107
***FERPA – Directory Information Release Restrictions011
Grade Verification Roster1G7
***Registration HOLDS/Comments148
***Student Academic Statistics (GPA)118
***Student Schedule (Regular Format/Graphic Format)109/120
Transfer Credit Articulation142
Transfer Credit Awarded143
Transfer Credit Summary144
***Transcript Display (UNOFFCIAL Only)136

Student Records/Information

Academic Program Summary121
***Academic Statistics (GPA)118/136
Address Information003/103
Birth Date007/103
Class Level111
Cumulative GPA118/136/GRD
Degrees Awarded136/212
***Directory Information Release Restrictions (FERPA)003/007/011
***Student Electronic Access (e-mails addresses)010
GPA Information118/136
Grade Change Audit137
***HOLD Information048/148
Major/Degree Objective110/111/121/136
Matriculation History110/121/1E1
Name Search002
***Next-of-Kin Address(es)015
Other Institutions Attended136/209/211
Personal Data007/008/103
***Student Phone Number(s)020
Previous Name(s)/Previous SID007/103
Registration Audit Trail139
Residency Status206/110/111
Resignation from University110/136
***Schedule of Classes109/120
Transcript Display (Unofficial)136
Transfer Credit Summary144
Veterans Administration (VA) Information008
Withdrawal from Courses104/109
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