Student Worker Earnings Report

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Student Worker Earnings Report

Report Purpose

The Student Worker Departmental Pay Report provides Managers and Timekeepers with a view into student worker expenditures, hours and Work Study balances. 

How to View the Report

Click on the link in the notification to download the spreadsheet. There will be one spreadsheet for each student supervisory organization. The spreadsheets cannot be combined in Workday. A person with the Timekeeper role on multiple student supervisory organizations will get a spreadsheet for each organization. You can combine them yourself after downloading if you wish. 

Timing of Report

The report will be produced on the Friday which is the payment day for biweekly payroll. This is one week after the pay period ended. Once produced the report will be available for 30 days after which it will be automatically deleted.

Information in the Report

The report has twelve columns as listed below:

  1. Worker:  The student worker’s name in last name first format
  2. CWID:  The student’s student ID
  3. Payroll Period:  The dates for the pay period the report covers
  4. Hourly Rate – Current: This is the student worker’s hourly pay rate as of the day the report runs. Note that if the student has had a pay increase in the week between the end of the pay period and when this report runs, this report will show the new pay rate and not the rate that was in effect when the hours were earned.
  5. Hours – Latest Payroll: This field shows the hours earned for the pay  period shown.  
  6. Regular Pay – Latest Payroll: This is the non-workstudy pay earned during the pay period.
  7. Workstudy Pay – Latest Payroll: This is the Federal Work Study pay for the student in the pay  period.
  8. Regular Pay – Academic YTD: This is the total academic year-to-date accumulated regular pay for student.
  9. Workstudy Pay – Academic YTD: This is the total academic year-to-date accumulated Federal Work Study pay for the student.
  10. Current Work Study Award Amount: This is the amount of the Federal Work Study allocated to the student for the academic year.
  11. Remaining Work Study Balance: This shows the difference between the Work Study Award amount and the Work Study YTD amount.
  12. Cost Center: This is the base cost center for student workers. This does not necessarily indicate where their funds are coming from for this payroll but rather where their funds would come from in the absence of Work Study or other grant, gift, project or program funding. 

Where to get Help

  • If you don’t get the report or don’t understand how to get to the report, call the IT helpdesk at extension 2000 and open a ticket. They can help you find the report.
  • If you have questions about the Work Study amounts then contact the Timekeeper for the student worker organization and if needed reach out to Financial Aid.
  • If you have questions about the hourly rate shown on the report then reach out to the designated manager for the student supervisory organization and if needed reach out to Human Resources department.
  • If you have questions about the hours earned reach out to the designated Timekeeper for the student organization and if needed reach out to the Payroll department for help.
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