How to Install and Use Respondus Lockdown Browser

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How to Install and Use Respondus Lockdown Browser


Respondus Lockdown Browser is used to add a layer of security to online exams administered through Canvas by allowing instructors to prevent access to certain PC functions during the exam. LockDown Browser is often paired with different approaches for proctoring exams.

Installing & Using LockDown Browser

Instructor Quick Guide

Student Quick Guide – Classic Quizzes

Student Quick Guide – New Quizzes

Link to Download

Steps to Use:

  1. Download Respondus
  2. Open the Respondus Browser (Lock Icon on Desktop)
  3. Click “Yes” to allow Respondus to make changes to your device
  4. Allow Respondus to close any required apps
  5. Log into Canvas at
  6. Open the Menu Bar on left by clicking the 3 lines at the top-left of the browser
  7. Navigate to Course in Canvas
  8. Navigate to exam in the course
  9. Open exam & complete

If you need to complete another exam, you will need to close & reopen Respondus.

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