Obtaining a CWID or BOSS PIN

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Obtaining a CWID or BOSS PIN

Due to privacy concerns, the Help Desk cannot provide you with your campus-wide ID or your BOSS PIN. You can find these pieces of information through the methods below.

Obtaining a CWID

  1. Provided to students during admission
  2. Provided to faculty/staff during Human Resources Onboarding
  3. Printed on Tech ID card
  4. Call Registrar at 318.257.2176

Obtaining a BOSS PIN

Tech E-mail Account: Using your Tech e-mail account, send an e-mail request to registrar@latech.edu providing your name, date of birth, and campus wide ID # and we’ll e-mail the reminder back to your Tech e-mail account.  We do not e-mail to commercial ISP accounts (e.g. Yahoo or Hotmail) without a signed request (see next paragraph).

Fax: Complete the BOSS PIN Request Form, print it out, sign it, and then Fax it to us at 318.257.4041.  All instructions are on the form.  If you have the connectivity, you can scan the completed, signed form and send the scanned image as an attachment to registrar@latech.edu.

In Person: Come by the University Registrar’s Office (Keeny Hall, Room 207) with a picture ID (Tech ID, driver’s license, passport) and we’ll look up the information for you.

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