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Procedure for restoring connectivity to Mainframe on Mac OS


Recent Mainframe upgrades have prevented Mac OS clients (specifically tn3270 X)
from connecting to Mainframe as they do not handshake to negotiate SSL automatically.


This fix will set Mainframe's host name and enable SSL as the default on tn3270
X v3.2.4. If the user is running an earlier version of tn3270 X and has Mac OS 10.2.8 or
later, upgrade them to the latest version from the Help Desk web site Downloads section.

OS X Lion:

OS X 10.7 is no longer compatible with powerpc apps. The latest universal binary for tn3270 that is compatible with Lion can be obtained here:

SOLUTION:Set SSL to be mandatory for the connection and save as default.
    1) At the connect screen (the one where you type in the host name, etc.), click on the
        Special icon. It's the one in the middle.
    2) Set Security to SSL and ensure that it is set to SSL/TLS Default.
    3) The Negotiate SSL box does NOT need to be checked.
    4) Click "OK" to close the Special options.
    5) Type as the host name.
    6) Click "Open Connection."
    7) Open the File menu, and click Save Default Settings...
    8) Click "OK."
    9) Quit the application and re-open it to confirm that the new host name and SSL defaults
        have been set.
    10) Have the user authenticate to verify functionality.

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