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This document contains information about the campus manager.


What is Campus Manager?

  • Campus manager is a network management system designed to increase the reliability of our network and decrease the response time to network problems. This system will allow the Computing Center to respond to viruses and worms faster. As long as your PC is kept up to date you will have no problem accessing the network.

Keep your computer up to date!

  • For more information on keeping your PC up-to-date, visit the Microsoft Support Center here.
  • For more information on keeping your MAC up-to-date, click here.  

Register your computer

  • ALL DEVICES THAT REQUIRE A NETWORK CONNECTION MUST BE REGISTERED ON CAMPUS MANAGER! This includes laptops, wireless routers or modems, and gaming consoles. When you plug your device into an ethernet port and open your web browser and try to visit a website, the registration page should come up. If not, click here to access Louisiana Tech University Network Registration.
  • For detailed instructions on aquiring network connection, see the article Connecting To Housing.

Additional Relevant Information

Hubs, and Switches

  • Because of the way Campus Manager operates, hubs and switches must be registered to campus manager as well. To register them simply go to: and follow the directions on the screen. In order for this to work properly you will need to register every device attached to the hub or switch.
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