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Moodle Mobile App


While Moodle is responsive, and should work on mobile devices through a standard web browser, native apps can be more convenient on devices such as smart phones and tablets. Faculty and students desiring to access Moodle from a smartphone or tablet have the option of using the OpenLMS app to access Moodle.


To download the OpenLMS app for your device, follow the links to the appropriate app store for your device:

Apple App Store (iPhones/iPads)

Google Play Store (Android)


1. Download the Open LMS app from the appropriate app store using the links above.

2. Open the Open LMS app. On Android devices tap the appropriate option on the welcome screen.

3. At the “Connect to Moodle” screen:

  • Enter “” and tap “Connect to your site” or
  • Tap “Scan QR code”, enable camera access, and scan the QR code on this page. Do not follow the instructions in the app and use the QR code in your Moodle profile – it is currently incompatible with CAS.

3. Use the embedded browser to complete login through CAS.

Common Problems

When connecting the app gives me this error: “You are trying to connect to a Moodle site that is not supported by this application anymore.
This error occurs when attempting to connect to using the Moodle app released by This version of the Moodle app is no longer compatible with, and will not connect. If you receive this error, make sure that you are using the correct app. The easiest way to do this is to check which icon you use to start the app.

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