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When a person moves from one campus department to another campus department, ALL CICS transaction access will be removed from the individual’s user ID.  The individual, their new department head or the department head designee mush re-request access to those applications needed to fulfill the requirements of the new position. 

A department change will be detected by the system automatically when HR  (Human Resource) records change for that individual.  Since this HR change may be after the actual start date of the new position, there will be a manual process available to indicate a department change prior to the HR updates happening.  The manual process may be used to allow the individual to go ahead and get the correct CICS access before the system detects a department change via automation.

When a department change is detected by system automation, a notification will be sent to the individual if that individual has an email address of record on file with the system.  Upon receipt of this email the individual should understand that they need to re-request their new access requirements through the appropriate individuals on campus. 

A second notice will follow as a reminder one week after the initial notice.  A week after the second notice, all access will be removed from ALL user IDs the individual is listed as responsible for.   An email notification will be sent stating that access has been removed.

If a manual department change for CICS access is entered, the user ID’s access to all CICS transactions will immediately be removed.  An indicator will be set stating that the department change has already been addressed.  This indicator will prevent system automation from removing access again when the HR update for this department change does happen. 

Access to perform a manual department change for CICS access will be given to the Computing Center Systems Programming group and to the Director of the Information Systems group.

Requests for CICS application access must go through the department owning the data to which the application operates on.  The data steward for the application.  For example, access to student records must be requested through the Registrar’s office.  Either the Computing Center or the Information Systems group can help direct individuals to the correct data stewards for an application.
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