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Louisiana Tech University Computing Center

E-Mail Policy and Procedure

Revised: 2014-03-13


E-mail privileges are extended to:

* Students upon enrolling in their first class.

* Employees when activated by Human Resources. Incoming new employees may request to be added as a pending employee earlier via a request through their department head to Human Resources.

* Retirees with Emeritus status.

* Others with written approval of the President.


Mailbox Retention

Student mailboxes are removed 90 days after the owning account is closed. Accounts are closed after two consecutive quarters of non-enrollment. However, mailboxes with a forwarding address remain for one year.

Employee mailboxes are removed 1 year after an account is closed. Rules for closing these accounts are:

1) When deactivated by Human Resources

2) Immediately upon request of one’s supervisor or administrator.

3) On an approved extension date from the University Exit form (typically granted for 30 days or less). Longer extensions for extenuating circumstances may be allowed.


Mailbox Creation and Retention

  • Louisiana Tech created mailboxes are generated automatically when a user account is issued. For students account creation will be within 24 hours of enrolling in the first course. Employees should contact the Computing Center to request an account once they have been put in the system (active or pending) by Human Resources.
  • Mailboxes are independent of the user account that owns it. The mailbox can continue to receive and process messages after the owning account is closed.
  • Students may choose to use GoogleApps for their email instead of the Louisiana Tech created mailbox. Students using GoogleAppls must read Google’s Terms of Use and Google’s Privacy Policy. Google Apps email has not been approved for faculty/staff to use for University business. Once a student has been assigned a Louisiana Tech University email account they can move to using their Google Apps account as their primary email interface by following instructions at the following document: Switching Student Email to Google Apps
  • Student owned mailboxes are removed 90 days after the owning account is closed. Faculty/staff mailboxes are removed 1 year after the account is closed. Student mailboxes with a forwarding address are allowed to remain for one year.
    • Student accounts are closed after a student does not enroll for two consecutive quarters.
    • Faculty/Staff accounts are closed based upon the following rules:
      • Immediately upon request of an immediate or higher supervisor or administrator.
      • At a requested, and approved extension date requested via the University exit form. Normally these are granted automatically for 30 days or less. Longer extensions for extenuating circumstances such as completing research supervision or similar work related activities are also allowed.
      • When the employee no longer appears on the payroll.

E-mail Archival and Backup

  • Deleted messages are retained in the system for a minimum of 72 hours for immediate recovery.
  • Snapshots of the mail system are taken nightly and retained for 1 week for more extensive recovery.
  • Nightly snapshots are replicated to an archival system which maintains archives of messages within storage capacity constraints. Currently this is approximately 120 days.
  • Weekly backups of the latest archival copy of the e-mail message store are sent to the CommVault Backup system. The backup is replicated to tape and sent off site according to current Iron Mountain procedures.

Email Size Limits

  • Student Mailboxes: Student campus mailbox size limit is 512MB. If move to Google Apps mailbox then size limit is 25GB
  • Faculty/Staff Mailboxes: Starts at 1GB but can grow automatically.
  • Individual email size limit - inbound to latech.edu from outside: 100 MB
  • Individual email size limit - outbound from latech.edu: 200MB
  • Webmail attachment size limit: 100MB

Attachment Filetypes Not Allowed


Mimetypes: application/x-msdownloads; application/x-msdos-program; applicaton/hta

Email Authentication

  • Uses Campus Network user ID and password which is also used for Moodle and other services.
  • Passwords can be reset/changed at password.latech.edu and giving BOSS PIN, CWID and Date-of-Birth.
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