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Lousiana Tech Computing Center

Access Policy


The Computing Center welcomes visitors during regular business hours.

Visitors may go directly to Dispatch to pick up print products or to the Help Desk. All others must sign in at the Reception Area.

Group tours are available by appointment.

Visitors sign in at the Reception Area.

Levels of Access

A. Escorted

Individuals that have an infrequent need for Computing Center access may be granted Escorted status and will not have fob key access. Escorted access is provided primarily during normal business hours. After-hours escorted access is on an emergency or pre-arranged basis only. Individuals requesting Escorted access must be signed in and out in the Computing Center access log by a staff member. They are required to provide identification on demand and leave the facility when requested to do so. They must not allow any other person access to the Computing Center.

B. Unescorted

Tech employees may be granted access based on their job requirements and a demonstrated legitimate business need.

C. Vendors

Approved vendors may be granted unescorted access to the Computing Center to perform scheduled maintenance or repair work. Vendors not approved for unescorted access may be granted Escorted access.

D. Data Center Tours

Tours must be pre-approved by senior management. The group’s sponsor must sign in and out and escort visitors while touring the Computing Center.

E. First Responders

Campus first responders are granted Unescorted access.

Periodic Review and Termination of Access

The Manager of Operations will periodically review the approved access list and recommend removal of individuals who no longer have a legitimate business need to access the Machine Room Area. Recommendations will be reviewed by the Director and management team.

As part of the employee exit procedure, Computing Center staff shall remove any granted access rights.

Data Center Access Log

The Access logs must be maintained at all times by Computing Center staff. All escorted individuals entering the Computing Center must sign the log as they enter and exit for audit purposes.

Access Exception Reporting

Any unauthorized access to the Machine Room Area should be logged in the daily operations log and reported to the Operator on Duty and to the Director, who will determine if the incident needs reporting to University Police.

Attempts to forcibly enter the Computing Center must be immediately reported to University Police. The Operator on Duty must also report the incident in writing to the Director.


Computing Center Etiquette Rules

It is mandatory that everyone working within the Machine Room Area adhere to the following rules of etiquette, to insure safety and efficiency.

1. All work areas must be kept clean and free of debris. Staff performing work in the Machine Rooms must ensure that they have left the areas as clean as they were before beginning their work.

2. To reduce fire hazards rack enclosures must be kept neat and free of manuals, media, boxes and unused equipment. Rack enclosures are not storage cabinets and must only be used for functioning equipment.

3. Doors on all racks should remain closed at all times except during maintenance.

4. Under no circumstances should any visitor:

a. Lift floor tiles without prior knowledge, consent, and oversight of the Operations staff.

b. Tamper or interfere with the normal function of the Transformers or Power Distribution Units (PDU).

c. Tamper or interfere with the normal function of the Air Conditioning units.

d. Plug any device into another cabinet power supply.



“Machine Room Area” includes rooms 151, 152, 154, and 155.

All Machine Room Area doors will be kept locked at all times.

The North exterior door leading to the ramp behind Wyly tower requires fob access. The South stairwell door automatically unlocks for normal business hours.

Center Staff should be alert for persons who appear hesitant or out-of-place. Approach and ask if they need assistance, and redirect them to the reception area.

In NO circumstance should unauthorized persons be in the Machine Room Area unescorted at any time.



Effective May 1, 2013

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