LaTech Addressbook in Thunderbird
This is an article that explains the setup of an email directory for Louisiana Tech in Thunderbird.

First, open your Address Book.
Next, select File --> New --> LDAP Directory...
You should see the following pop-up.

 Directory Server Properties

Fill in the blanks as follows:

Base DN:ou=People,dc=latech,dc=edu
Port number:389
Bind DN:uid=abc123,ou=People,dc=latech,dc=edu

***** Where abc123 = your username *****

Double check the fields and press "OK".
You will now see the address book in the left pane, select it.

Note:  You must use the search function to filter through the directory. This can be accessed by clicking Ctrl+Shift+F or Edit > Search Addresses. It may prompt you for your username/password the first time, just click the box to remember the password.