Webmail FAQ
This article contains Frequently Asked Questions regarding the webmail system.

Why won't webmail show me my messages?
The webmail interface will allow you to login with your username capitalized, but will not show you your mail. Make sure that you log in using all lowercase letters, and your mail messages will show in your inbox. If you get an error indicating the system was unable to retreive quota, you have almost certainly used uppercase characters in your username.

Why can't I access webmail?
If you are a new student you may not be able to access your email right away. It takes about 24 hours for you to get in the system after you have paid all of your fees.

How can I save my sent mail?
Log in and go to Options on the left hand menu and select Mail (classic). Select the first option "Personal Information". You will need to edit the last two options. First check the box marked "Save sent mail?" and use the drop down box underneath that to select a folder to save the messages. Click "Save Options" when you are done.