Scantron Test Grading with Request Form

A test scoring service is available for University faculty through the Computing Center.  Beginning 01/15/2020 the Computing Center is moving to a new mark sense grading program.  This page provides samples and instructions for using this updated process. General instructions are given below followed by links to sample documents.  


    A test scoring service for University Instructors is available through the Computing Center. The “BLUE” Louisiana Tech University Answer Sheets (Form No. EM-286695-1:62 ED05) is the only scanner form accepted by the current scanner and may be obtained in the Bookstore. A # 2 pencil must be used in completing the answer sheet.

    Submit and pick up tests in the Computing Center dispatch window, Wyly Tower Room 151. A manila receipt card is exchanged for submitted tests and must be presented to pick up the results. Tests can be picked up by presenting the manila receipt card, or if receipt card is lost or misplaced only instructor with Campus ID card can pick up test.


Please adhere to these specifications so that your test can be processed promptly.

  1. Use a #2 pencil. Do not use INK on the BLUE answer sheet.

  2. Align all sheets with the black timing marks to the left side.

  3. Remove all staples, paper clips and extra paper prior to turning in the test.

  4. Key or student answer sheets (tests) that are torn, creased or mutilated cannot be scanned.

  5. The maximum number of questions on each test will be 180.

  6. Each question is weighted with a value of ONE unless indicated otherwise. Point Value request should be specified by checking Point Value check box on the front of the “Test Scoring Service – Request form ” (bottom of example A). The point values should be filled-in on the back of the same form. In sample packet marked as example B.

  7. Questions may have more than one correct answer indicated on the Key. However students can bubble only one answer. Example: [key (A and B), student (A or B)].

  8. To omit a question and not have it counted in the scoring, leave its answer blank on the Key. Do not alter the number of the last question on the Test Scoring Service – Request Form.

  9. It is possible to indicate extra credit questions. See next page and examples A and B.

  10. The instructor must submit a correctly completed Key/answer sheet with each test to be graded, see example C.

  11.  Do not write/mark on the timing marks at left side or around top of answer sheet next to solid black block. Test will be rejected by scanner.


Several PDFs are attached to this article with detailed information.  Please follow the links below:

1) Instructions for filling out the Test Scoring Service Request Form

2) Example Data which was used to produce sample reports.  This is an example of the data that would be provided for scoring. 

3) Basic Analysis (Option 1) :  The basic set of reports.  Packet also shows the request form used. 

4) Extended Analysis (Option 2) :  Basic Analysis (Option 1) + Student Grade Report (for individual students)

5) Extended Analysis (Option 3) :  Extended Analysis (Option 2) + Answer Sheet Images

6) Extended Analysis (Option 3) with Point Value and Extra Credit (Bonus Points) Options - Point Value and Extra Credit can be added individually or jointly with any test grading option.