Editing Mass Mailing List Options
There are many email lists used to facilitate email communication between groups of people on campus.  The most common are the students-l, the facstaff-l, and the everyone-l lists.  At times, many emails per day can be sent to these lists, which can cause your inbox to be cluttered. Some prefer setting their lists to deliver this type of emails in digest format because you will receive one summarized email for a period of time, rather than each email individually.  This section describes how to set your email list to deliver in digest format. 

Membership list reminders are sent out periodically to all members of a list.  This email contains the password you will need to access your list account options.  If you have not received it or have deleted it, you can request the password be emailed to you by visiting one of these websites:

Faculty and Staff List
Students List
Everyone List


Fill in your email address in the Email address text box, and then click the Remind button at the bottom to have your password emailed to you.

Note: Although there is an unsubscribe option, unsubscribing is not recommended.
Your email address will be automatically added back to the email list.

After you have received the email, return to the webpage above. Enter your email address and password, and click Login. Scroll down to the Set Digest Mode section. Set it to On.

Click Submit My Changes at the bottom, then scroll to the top and click Log out.