Virus Removal
Using the programs listed below may take care of any viruses you may encounter.

  ***Please remember that these free programs are for personal use only and should not be installed on state-owned machines***

Also, to be safe, it would be wise to back up your files before attempting removal.


1. CCleaner - CCleaner is a nifty program that can clear temporary files.  It also has other useful functions such as assisting in uninstalling programs, as well as managing which programs start up at boot.

When you have a virus, you should always run CCleaner first to remove temporary files before doing anything.  Viruses often hide in temporary files.  Also, removing temporary files will significantly shorten the run time of the virus/malware scans (it will save a lot of time).  Simply run the program by clicking Run Cleaner.

 Click here to download CCleaner.


2. Malwarebytes - this program is a very efficient and easy to use virus removal tool.  Just install the program (make sure to update it!) and the hit Quick Scan!  If it finds anything be sure to click remove selected. It will then most likely ask you to reboot.

Click here to download Malwarebytes.


3. SuperAntiSpyware - this is another anti-virus program that can remove malicious files.  It is particularly good about removing tracking cookies.  After installing it, just click Scan, be sure to have your computers hard-drive checked (probably C:\), and then with Perform Quick Scan selected, click Next.  If it finds anything, be sure to remove it.

Click here to download SuperAntiSpyware (be sure to get the free version).


Usually, if you can manage to run all three of those programs the virus shouldn't stand a chance.  Just in case they didn't work for you, here are a couple of alternatives that also work well (again, be sure to download the free versions):


5.Spybot - Search and Destroy

If none of these programs do the job, you can also try a system restore!  Just be sure to restore to the date before the virus infected your machine.

Warning: a system restore will remove any recently installed software (installed after the selected restore point).

Reassurance: all of your files (word docs, picture, music files, et cetera) will all remain unchanged (even those saved after the restore point).

Click here for more info on system restores and how to run them.