Discarding Spam Messages
Unsolicited e-mail (UCE), also known as spam mail has become a major problem for Internet e-mail users.  Louisiana Tech provides capabilities for delaing with these junk e-mails, but you must activate the controls on your mailbox.
This filter is generic and will not block spam from just one sender but rather this will discard all messages that it regards as spam.   Messages are scanned for spam like qualities and tagged as they arrive.  You can block these messages using a filter.  The process for setting up this filter is as follows:

  • Go to the Louisiana Tech webmail login screen (https://webmail.latech.edu).
  • Login with your univerity username and password.
  • Wait for the portal display to come up, then click on "Mail" in the upper left section of the portal view.
  • After the mailbox display comes up, click on "Filters" in the menu list at the top of the displayed page.
  • A list of preset filters should be displayed. One of theses is listed as "Junk Filter" and will have a red X to the right.  Click on the red X to change it to a green checkmar, enabling the filter.
  • All new messages marked as spam will be discarded without delivery to your mailbox.
  • If you would prefer for the messages to be routed to a separate folder for later perusal, you can edit the rule by clicking on the pencil and paper icon to the left of the rule and changing the "Do this" action from "Delete message completely", to "Deliver to a folder" and selecting a pre-exisitng folder to file the marked messages.  Folder creation is handled from the Folders menu of the main Mail view (note you must select  the INBOX checkbox (or any of your exisitng folders) to be the parent of the created folder or it will fail).  If you choose this method, please be sure to periodically clean out the folder after reviewing the contents.