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This article contains information regarding troubleshooting issues when trying to use a jump/flash/USB drive in the Student Technology Labs.

There are two different types of jump drive errors.

If a student cannot open their jump drive, do the following:

  • Open My Computer. Check to see which drive letter the CD/DVD drive has been assigned to. If it's D:, send in a trouble ticket. Normally the CD/DVD drive should be set to O:. You can have the student do one of the following:
    • Have the student log out. Plug in their jump drive, then login. Make sure that they know they will lose their connection to their E: (Hyperion) drive if they do it this way.
    • Check to see that only one flash drive is plugged in. If you plug in more than one, they will attempt to use the same drive letter, and since it is already being used, you will not be allowed to access it.
    • If the student does not wish to logout, you can disconnect their hyperion drive. Right click it in My Computer and choose "Disconnect". It should reconnect the next time they login. 
  • If a student plugs in a flash drive, it doesn't work, and the CD/DVD drive is pointing to O:, then it could be a driver error. Get the make/model of the flash drive, the student's username, and the computer number where the error happened. The common brands, such as SanDisk and Lexar, should be supported, but some of the minor brands may not be.
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