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The university employs an 802.1x wireless network throughout campus. In order to configure the secure wireless network, please ensure that you have the following:

  • Windows XP Service Pack 1 or later
  • 128-bit encryption wireless network card

Please perform the following steps to setup the 802.1x secure wireless network:

1) Click Start > Control Panel > Network Connections.

2) Right click on your Wireless Network Connection and choose Properties.
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3) Click the Wireless Network tab along the top.

4) If you do not see the Wireless Network Tab, you must start the Wireless Zero Configuration service. To do this, click Start > Run > Services.msc. Highlight Wireless Zero Configuration and click the "Play" button on the toolbar to start the service. After this is done, the Wireless Network tab should appear.  

5) Under Preferred Networks, double click LaTech.  

6) Click the Authentication tab.

7) Ensure that Enable IEEE 802.1x ... is checked.

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8) Change the EAP Type to PEAP.

9) Ensure that the bottom two check boxes are unchecked (Authenticate as computer when computer information is available and Authenticate as guest when user or computer information is available).

10) Click on Properties in the middle of window.

11) Ensure all boxes are unchecked. If you have the LaTech CA root certificate installed, then the first checkbox should be left checked.

12) Under Select Authentication Methods -- Choose Secured password...

13) Click Configure.

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14) Make sure that the box under When Connecting is unchecked.
OK all the way back out.

After selecting the network, you should get a balloon pop-up asking to select a certificate or other credential. Clicking on the balloon will bring up a login form. Enter your Tech USERNAME and PASSWORD, and leave the domain field empty.

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