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This article contains Frequently Asked Questions on the campus email system.

How long after I graduate will my email be available?
Your email will be available for a few weeks after you graduate. You can have your email forwarded for up to one year to another email account.

How do I forward my LaTech email?
Click here for detailed instructions on how to forward your Tech emails to a different email account.

Why can't I use Tech's mail system to send email if I'm off campus?
The SMTP servers at Louisiana Tech will only accept email for recipients at Louisiana Tech if the sender is not on Tech's network. If you want to use Tech's SMTP server, use for your outgoing mail server with the port set to 587 (TLS) or 465 (SSL - Outlook /Outlook Express) with authentication enabled and TLS/SSL enabled, using your Tech account and password to send. Alternatively, use the University's VPN to connect prior to sending e-mail.

Why can I not send email from Tech's network if I'm not using Tech's e-mail system?
Only authorized systems are allowed to connect to external mail systems to send e-mail. If you are on Tech's network, your client must be configured to use as your outgoing mail server or the messages will not be sent. This is done to prevent viruses and spam from escaping the University network. You should also use port 587. You should also enable authentication on the outgoing server.

*If you are a new student you may not be able to access your email right away. It takes about 24 hours for you to get in the system after you have paid all of your fees.
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