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New Employee User ID Provisioning Help

New Employee Computer Access Provisioning

This document describes how a new employee obtains access to information technology resources on campus.  This document will only cover the more common aspects of campus computing resources.


When to Request a User ID

Employee user IDs are not automatically created.  The employee or their supervisor must request that a user ID be created.   In order for a user ID to be created the individual must have established a relationship with the University. 

An individual establishes a relationship with the university through the Human Resources department.  When a new employee goes to HR to fill out paperwork and establish their identity with the University, the HR department will give them a signed sheet of paper to be brought to the Computing Center for user ID creation.  With this signed piece of paper the Computing Center can begin the process of creating a user ID without delay.  Without the signed sheet of paper from HR, the individual cannot obtain a user ID until they show up as an active employee in the on-line administrative systems.  This sometimes takes a couple weeks after the start date of the employee.     


The User ID

For employees, the default scheme for creating a user ID is the first character of the first name and then filling out the user ID with the last name. (Ex. JSMITH).  The staff at the Computing Center will work with the individual to choose a user ID that is satisfactory to them.  The user ID must be at least 4 characters long and cannot be longer than 8 characters.  

The form from the HR office has a place to specify the first and second choice for a user ID.  The Computing Center Staff will try to accommodate these choices.  If a user ID requested is not available or if a requested user ID is not acceptable by the Computing Center staff,  they will reach out with a phone call to work toward a user ID that is agreeable to all.

Be mindful that this user ID is your official campus correspondence identification.  Please do not try to be cute with what you choose.  Nor should your choice be offensive to others.  This will only delay your user ID creation. 


User ID Types

Network User ID:  Your Network ID is the first user ID most individuals are assigned.  Once you have established a relationship with the university you will be granted a Network ID.  This is the user account that can be used for email,  Moodle,  Wireless access, desktop/workstation logon and more.  

Mainframe User ID:  To access the administrative computing applications, a mainframe user ID will need to be created.  The mainframe user IDs are not created until a person has obtained permission to a particular administrative application such as the Student Information System.   In most cased the mainframe user ID will be created to mimic the Network user ID but the two IDs will have individual passwords.


Network User ID – Getting Started

When the Network User ID is created,  either the individual or the individual’s departmental contact will be contacted by the Computing Center to inform them that the user ID that was created.  In addition the user ID, the individual will need their CWID (Campus Wide ID),  their Date of Birth and their BOSS PIN number to get started.  The CWID will be listed on the University ID card obtained from the Tech Express office.  The BOSS PIN number can be obtained through the Registrar’s office.  

 To set an initial password the individual should navigate with a web browser to  This is a self-service portal for maintaining passwords.   Since this is the initial trip to the portal, click on the “Forgot Password?” link under the Username box.   Type in the new user ID in the search box and click submit.  The search is a straight text search.  If the search results in one choice then the browser will be immediately directed to a screen requesting CWID, DoB and BOSS PIN.  If the search finds more than one result, a drop down box will be shown.  Be sure to pick the line with the new user ID given then click submit again.  This should bring up the page asking for CWID, DoB and BOSS PIN.  When this information is correctly supplied, a screen will be shown allowing a password to be set for the account. 

The syntax rules for a new Network user ID’s password are:

Your password must have the following properties:

                 Minimum number of characters in password: 8

                Maximum number of characters in password: 16

                Minimum number of unique characters in password: 3

You may use numbers in your password.

                Minimum number of numeric characters in password: 1

The password is case-sensitive.

You may use special characters in your password.

You must use a unique password.

You may not use the following attribute values for your password:



                 Full Name

                 Given Name



Once a new password is set it will propagate out to various systems.   A quick way to check that the user ID and password are set, is to go to and logon.  This is the web interface to the campus mail system.  It should immediately be available and can verify that the password works.  Following a successful validation of the password, other software and devices can be configured to use the ID/password combination.

The following Help Desk articles may be of help.  The web site can be searched for more information.

Email Configuration


Wireless Network


Mainframe User ID – Getting Started

When a mainframe user ID is created, either the individual or their supervisor will receive an email indicating that the user ID has been created and that email will contain some links to help get started.

One of those links will be to a password reset page that will set a temporary initial password.  This page ( will require the user to enter their CWID, DoB, BOSS PIN and the mainframe user ID they are resetting the password for.  The CWID entered must match the CWID listed in the account record for the user ID or the reset will not be permitted.  When the reset is done, a web page will be presented to the individual with the temporary password.  This password will be used at the first CICS logon.  

To connect to the mainframe CICS system, a special client is required.  This client uses the TN3270 protocol to connect.   The campus licenses the BlueZone emulation client from Rocket software for Windows machines.  In most cases BlueZone is already loaded on a windows machine when it is setup by university IT staff.  If it is not there is a Help Desk article on how to load it.   The Helpdesk site also has information on installing free clients that are available for Linux and Mac architectures. 

When presented with the CICS logon screen for the first time, enter the user ID and temporary password received from the passwordreset page and press ENTER.  The cursor should move to the New Password field and a message at the bottom of the screen should indicate a new password is required.

The syntax for choosing a new mainframe password can be found in a PDF document at  Both this link and the passwordreset link are shown at the bottom of the CICS logon page.  Mainframe passwords must be changed every 30 days and when the current password expires, the user will be prompted to choose a new password at the next CICS logon.

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