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This document explains how to setup Mozilla Thunderbird for use with the campus email system.
To download Thunderbird, go to
1.)     Open Thunderbird and click Tools > Account Settings...

2.)   On the bottom left-hand side of the window that opens, drop down the Account Actions menu and click Add Mail Account...

3.) Enter your name as you would like your recipients to see when you send them an email. Enter the full e-mail address along with your university password. Leave Remember password checked if you would like Thunderbird to remember your password. 

Click Continue.

4.) Verify that IMAP is selected, then click Manual Config.
5.) Verify that all of the settings in the following image match what is on your screen:
    INCOMING SERVER SETTINGS:  IMAP > > Port #993 >  SSL/TLS  >  Autodetect
    OUTGOING SERVER SETTINGS: SMTP  > > Port #587 > STARTTLS > Normal password
After you have verified the above settings, click Re-test.
6.) Thunderbird will verify that it can connect to both servers. You should see the following message after a successful connection has been made: The following settings were found by probing the given server.
7.)  After a successful connection to the servers, click Create Account. 
8.)  Click OK to close out of the Account Settings window, then exit and restart Thunderbird. Upon re-opening, Thunderbird will then import your account settings and folders. Depending on how many emails you have saved on the server, this may take a while. 
9.)  When all of your folders and emails have been imported, you can now use Mozilla Thunderbird to manage your Louisiana Tech Email. 
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