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This article describes some troubleshooting steps that may help you connect to the dorm or on-campus internet.

Verify ethernet port on your computer is enabled


1) Open theNetwork and Sharing Center:
      Windows XP
        -- Click Start,
           >All Programs
           >Network Connections
     Windows 7/Vista
       -- Click the Start orb
       -- Type ncpa.cpl into the search box and press ENTER

2) Check to be sure that your ethernet or "Local Area Connection" is enabled.  If it is not then right-click on the connection and select enable.


   -- Open your system preferences
   -- Select Network
   -- Select Ethernet on the left side pane
   -- Ensure that the dropdown box in the center is changed to Using DHCP
    (You may have to may have to unlock this settings using the padlock at the bottom right of the window)

Verify computer is registered to the network

Instructions for registering your computer on the network can be found here .

Cannot connect with Router

1) Disconnect your router and connect your computer directly to the network via an ethernet cable and follow the steps above to register your computer.

2) Connect your router to your ethernet port and connect your computer to your router and once again go through the registration process above.  This is to register your router onto the network.

3) If your router is still not giving you a valid network connection you must be sure to enable NAT (Network Address Translation) on your router.  Instructions for how to enable this will be in your router documentation.

Information for the Helpdesk

If all of the steps above did not help your problem please call the Helpdesk with the following information while you are in front of your computer at your residence. Having this information available will help us quickly fix the problem.

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