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Here are instructions to setup the wireless internet on the Android phone.


1. Touch /Settings/, then /Wireless & networks/
2. Touch /Wi-Fi/ if necessary to turn on the Wi-Fi radio
3. Touch /Wi-Fi settings/
4. Select the "LaTechWPA2" SSID
5. Enter and confirm any any password you choose for protecting the stored
6. For the /Security/ field, select /802.1x Enterprise/
7. For the /EAP method/ field, select /PEAP/
8. For the /Phase 2 authentication/ field, choose /MSCHAPv2/
9. Leave the /CA certificate/ fields set to N/A
10. Leave the /Client certificate/ field set to N/A
11. In the /Identity/ field, enter your email user name
     Leave the /Anonymous identity/ field blank.
12. In the /Wireless password/ field, enter you email password.
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