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If you connected via the LaTech OpenAir wireless portal, and you are not using a guest account, you should take the time to configure your system to use the more secure LaTechWPA2 or LaTech instead.

Instant setup for Windows computers: LaTechWPA2.exe

OpenAir provides no protection for your communications.  Instructions for connecting to the LaTech wireless network are provided for various systems.  Using WPA2 is the same except you should select WPA2 with AES instead of WEP as described in the instructions.  WPA2 will provide you with the highest security.  You should use the LaTechWPA2 wireless unless your system does not suport WPA2, then you should fall back to LaTech.  LaTech OpenAir should be your last resort.  Not only are they more secure, most systems will automatically reconnect on LaTechWPA2 and LaTech, eliminating the need to login everytime.  In addition, they are given a higher priority in the wireless network than LaTech OpenAir.
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