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This article explains how to change your mainframe (CICS) password.

Expired Password

The system will indicate a password is expired after a correct userid and expired password has been entered at the CICS logon screen.  One of the following two messages will be generated: 



 Password has expired, please enter NEW password

The cursor will automatically be moved to the new password field.  

Pick a new password and type it in.  The new password must meet the system password restrictions which can be reviewd at .  

In summary the password must be 8 characters long,  must contain three character types such as consonant/vowel/numeric, must be different from previos password by at least 4 characters and cannot conain person's name. 

The system will request that you re-enter the same new password for verification.  

If the new password does not meet the requirements a message indicating this will be displayed.  In this case it is best to enter the userid and old password again such that the system again displays the message indicating a new passord is required. 


Forgot Password 

On campus mainframe users can reset their own forgotten password using the password reset utility at .  TheCWID, BOSS PIN, Date-of-Birth will be needed for the Mainframe useri ID for which the password has been forgotten. 


Calling Computing Center For Assistance

Calling the Computing Center is always an available option.   Please have CWID, BOSS PIN and Date-of-Birth available to provide to support personnel.   The Computing Center Help Desk number is 257-5300. 

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