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This article gives the common shortcuts used in the Mac OS X operating system.
Mac Keyboard Shortcuts
OS 10.4.8
  • Apple+Option+D    Hide/Show Dock
  • F9    All Windows
  • F10    All Windows (Current Application Only)
  • F11    Show Desktop
  • F12    Dashboard
  • Command+Shift+U   Opens utilities
  • Shift+Apple+Q    Log out
  • Shift+Option+Apple+Q    Log out immediately
  • Shift+Apple+Delete    Empty Trash
  • Apple+H    Hide Active Application (Doesn't Work With Adobe Applications)
  • Option+Apple+H    Hide All But The Active Application
  • Control+Eject    Shut Down, Sleep, or Restart Options
  • Apple+Control+Eject    Quit all applications and Restart
  • Apple+ . (period)    Stop a process
  • Apple+ , (comma)    Open Preferences for Active Application
  • Option+Apple+D    Show/Hide Dock
  • Control+Up Arrow    Move up one page
  • Control+Down Arrow    Move down one page
  • Option+Apple+Esc    Force Quit
  • Apple+N    New Finder window (New Blank Page in Some Applications)
  • Command+<Space Bar>   Spotlight Search
  • Shift+Apple+N    New Folder (Must Be In Finder Window For It to Work)
  • Apple+O    Open Another Existing Document
  • Apple+S    Save
  • Shift+Apple+S    Save as
  • Apple+P    Print
  • Apple+W    Close Window
  • Apple+Option+W    Close all Windows
  • Apple+I    Get Info
  • Option+Apple+I    Show Attributes Inspector (Varies by application)
  • Apple+D    Duplicate
  • Apple+Q    Close Application
  • Apple+L    Make Alias
  • Apple+R    Show Original
  • Apple+Delete    Move Highlighted Items to Trash
  • Apple+E    Eject
  • Apple+F    Find


  • Apple+Z    Undo
  • Apple+X    Cut
  • Apple+C    Copy
  • Apple+V    Paste
  • Apple+A    Select All
  • Apple+ {    Align Left (Only Works in Some Applications)
  • Apple+ }    Align Right (Only Works in Some Applications)
  • Apple+ | (pipe)    Align Center (Only Works in Some Applications)
  • Apple+ ; (semicolon)    Check Spelling (Only Works in Some Applications)
  • Shift+Apple+C    Show Colors palette in application (Only Works in Some Applications)
  • Apple+T    Show Font palette in application (Only Works in Some Applications)


  • Apple+1    View as Icons
  • Apple+2    View as List
  • Apple+3    View as Columns
  • Option+Apple+T    Hide Toolbar
  • Apple+J    Show View Options


  • Apple+ [    Back (Must be in Finder Window)
  • Apple+ ]    Forward (Must be in Finder Window)
  • Shift+Apple+A    Applications (Must be in Finder Window)
  • Shift+Apple+G    Goto Folder (Must be in Finder Window)
  • Apple+K    Connect to Server (Must be in Finder Window)
  • Apple+Tab    Switch to next Application


  • Apple+N    New Window
  • Apple+T    New Tab
  • Apple+M    Minimize Window
  • Option+Apple+M    Minimize All Windows
  • Command+`(tilde)   Switch between multiple windows within the same application


  • Option+Drag    Copy to new location
  • Option+Apple+Drag    Make alias in new location
  • Apple+Drag    Move to new location without copying


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