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The following instructions are a guide to setting up dialup internet access to the university from on- or off-campus.

Instructions are included for the following operating systems:

  1. Windows 7
  2. Windows XP
  3. Windows 2000
  4. Windows ME

Windows 7

1) Right click on the internet access icon in the bottom right corner.  Then click on Open Network and Sharing Center.


2) Click on Set up a new connection or network.


3) Select Set up a dial-up connection. Click Next.


4) For Dial-up phone number type 2572080 (if on-campus type 2080).  For user name input your tech user name and password (same as your email).  If you would like your login credentials to be saved check the Rembember this password box.  When finished click Create.


5) Go back to the Network and Sharing Center.  Click on Connect to a network.


6) Click on LaTech Dialup then click connect.


 Note: Phone Number can range from 2080 through 2083.

Windows XP

Go to Start > Connect To > Show all connections

Under Network Tasks, Click Create a new connection

  1. Click Next.
  2. Check Connect to the network at my workplace, and then click Next.
  3. Check Dial-up connection, and then click Next.
  4. For Company Name, type LaTech Dialup. Click Next.
  5. For Phone number, type 2572080 (if on-campus type 2080)
  6. Click Next and Finish.

Go back to Network Connections window


Right-click on LaTech Dialup and select Connect.

Enter Username and password, then Click Connect and it should connect to the internet.

Note: Phone Number can range from 2080 through 2083


Windows 2000

Click the Start > Settings > Network & Dialup Connections > Make New Connection.

Follow the Network Connection Wizard

  1. Choose Dialup to the Internet
  2. Choose I want to transfer my existing Internet account to this computer
  3. Enter the Telephone Number: 2572080 (use only 2080 if dialing from on campus)
  4. Make sure to unclick the Use area code box unless you are calling outside of Ruston
  5. The “Internet Account Logon Information” window displays and you should enter your username and password here.
  6. The “Configuring Your Computer” window displays. Type LaTech in the “connection Name” field
  7. Click Next
While you are in this wizard you can continue by setting up your email. Please refer to the manual email file for the information required by the wizard and continue. This is not required to dial into Louisiana Tech.

Note: Windows 2000 is a very advanced operating system and therefore has advanced settings to get connected. The above is a general outline of what should happen. There seems to be different versions of the Internet Connection Wizard. When asked for information you are not sure about either leave it as the default if you do not see anything listed above about it.

Windows ME

Click Start > Settings > Dialup Networking

Create a new dialup connection by double clicking Make New Connection.

  1. Type LaTech for the Computer Name you are dialing and hit Next.
  2. Enter the Telephone Number: 2572080 (use only 2080 if dialing from on campus) and hit Next.
  3. Finally, click Finish. You may now drag the LaTech icon to the desktop if you want a shortcut.
  4. You should still be at the Dialup Networking folder. Find your new connection (It will be called LaTech) and right click on the icon then click on Properties.
  5. You will be in the General tab and you want to make sure to uncheck Use area code and dialing properties.
  6. Next click the OK button at the bottom of the window. Now you can close the Dialup Networking folder.

Connect by double clicking on the LaTech icon. The screen will prompt you for your username and password, both of which are your University Account.

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